Lili / November 8, 2022
Singapore’s premier LED advertising display board service provider - ZOOM VISUAL

Beautiful faces with blemish-free skin. Sharp, picture-perfect product videos and images that
appeal to consumers to make instant purchases. Stunning pictures and artworks that captivate
eyeballs and drive footfall into the store.
This is what LED digital screens and displays have achieved for our client, Sephora, at its store
in Raffles City, Singapore. These visually engaging beacons of LED digital displays have entirely
changed its customers’ shopping experience at the store while allowing Sephora to expand its
offering, highlight special deals, provide “How-to” guides and promote the latest products that
have been launched.

Enhancing the store’s elegance and sophistication with LED digital screens and displays.

Ideally suited for the retail environment, the LED digital displays and screens installed here are
used for various purposes, ranging from delivering advertising videos and messages to
beautifying the store with gorgeous images. Their brightness also lights up the store
significantly and the dynamic displays appeal to the customers on a more personal level.

Digital Signage Displays are essential to a retail store like Sephora. Its superior picture quality
and ultra-high resolution offer optimal visual impact while blending perfectly with the store’s
clean and chic aesthetic feel.

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