Transparent LED Poster

Captivate your audience with the next generation of promotional displays: the Transparent LED Poster. This innovative solution replaces bulky roll-up banners with a sleek, eye-catching display that plays dynamic content directly from your phone.


Effortless Display Management:

      • Plug and Play: Setting up is a breeze! Simply connect the power and you’re ready to go.
      • Cloud Control: Update your content on the fly using a user-friendly mobile app. No need for physical changes or complicated software.


Unmatched Visual Appeal:

      • Natural Light Flows Through: Your space retains a sense of openness and avoids the feeling of being blocked by a solid display. This is especially beneficial for areas with large windows or a desire for a light and airy atmosphere.
      • High Definition: Deliver crystal-clear images and videos that showcase your products or promotions in captivating detail.
      • Preserves the View:Unlike traditional posters or solid digital signage, Transparent LED posters allow customers or visitors to see what’s behind the display. This can be particularly useful in window displays where you want to showcase both the product on the poster and the interior of your store.


Upgrade your marketing with the Transparent LED Poster and experience the power of dynamic, high-impact advertising.

Flexible Display Options:
  • Hanging or Standing: This versatile poster screen adapts to your needs. Hang it from the ceiling, mount it on a wall, or use the included stand for a freestanding display.
Multiple ways to use the Transparent LED Poster