Indoor LED Screen

Boost your brand presence with Zoom Visual’s Indoor LED Screens. Featuring high-resolution displays, vibrant colors, and strong contrast, our screens grab attention and make your messages shine.


Durability and efficiency are built-in. Sourced from leading manufacturers, our screens last 50,000-100,000 hours and boast energy-efficient hardware. The modular design allows for seamless customization and adaptation to your space.


Forget visibility issues! Our high-resolution displays and precise color accuracy ensure your message is crystal clear. Need scalability? No problem! Our modular design lets you easily adjust the size to your needs. At Zoom Visual, we offer comprehensive support, from consultation and installation to after-sales service. Our expert technicians, with extensive experience, are always here to ensure your success.


Invest in your brand’s future. Discover flexible, cost-effective solutions with Zoom Visual’s Indoor LED Screens.


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More Details
  • Lowest pitch available at 0.9mm
  • Full color 3-in-1 LED enabling color resolution of up to 4.4 trillion colors
  • High brightness, contrast with wide viewing angle
  • LED controlling software supporting wide range of file formats and contents
A colorful indoor LED panel displaying a wave pattern.
Optimal Visual Precision
  • Crystal-clear imagery with pixel pitch starting from P0.6mm
  • Vivid luminance boasting visibility, readability, and attention-grabbing visuals
  • Wide colour gamut capable of reproducing diverse range of hues and shades.Unparalleled precision in resolutions available in Full HD & 4K Ultra HD
  • Achieve colour consistency mastery through intelligent adjustments
Indoor LED screen displaying a smoke pattern.
Tailored Solutions
  • Device screen casting, seamless stream content across different devices
  • Comfortable viewing distance influenced by Pixel pitch (1.5 to 3 times the pixel pitch)
  • Adaptable designs addressing your unique needs
  • Optimum width-to-height balance
  • Interoperable content compatibility
  • Option to elevate your product coverage with Zoom Visual's Extended Warranty
Indoor LED Screen showing a flower.