Stretch LCD Signage Display

Captivate your audience with our cutting edge Stretch LCD Signage Display!

Boasting a sleek, ultra-wide design and high-definition resolution, it stretches the boundaries of traditional signage, guaranteed to turn heads and boost engagement. This versatile marvel adapts to any space, mounting horizontally, vertically, or even on walls. Its impressive size and IP65 weatherproofing let it shine indoors or outdoors.


Go beyond static images! Display personalized messages, dynamic promotions, eye-catching graphics, and even live data streams. Integrate it with your point-of-sale system, social media, or video wall setups. Unlock new revenue streams by offering advertising space. The possibilities are endless!


Our team at Zoom Visual is here to help. We offer expert consultations, product warranties, extended hardware coverage, and comprehensive support, from concept to installation. Contact us today to explore the future of digital signage!

More Details
  • Ultra-thin design, easy to use and beautiful
  • High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly improve the sense of picture level, can better express the details
  • Use professional-grade LCD screen, the video image is brighter and more stereoscopic
  • 16.7M color, more natural picture, delicate picture truly without dragging
  • Long life span, 7*24 hours of continuous work, up to 50,000 hours or more
Stretch LCD Signage Display