Standing Mobile Kiosk

The versatile Standing Mobile Kiosk goes wherever you need it, boosting customer engagement in high-traffic areas. It acts as a beacon of information and interaction. This high-resolution touchscreen display, with built-in speakers and customizable features (think interactive apps and digital signage), can handle tasks like check-in, wayfinding, and product knowledge. With regular maintenance, this mobile kiosk becomes a long-term investment, built to last.

 Why should you use a Standing Mobile Kiosk?:

      • A Digital signage: Ditch printed posters and embrace the versatility of digital displays.
      • Interactive: Engage your audience with touchscreens, fostering better customer interaction.
      • Wayfinding: Guide visitors effortlessly with clear digital maps and directions.

Go beyond static displays. Our user-friendly kiosks is a popular choice to engage, inform, and guide audiences in any setting and businesses. 

Product Details
  • Sizes - 43″, 49″, 55″, 65 ″, 75 ″ & 86″
  • Encased in industrial grade tempered glass.
  • 10-Points IR Touch Frame
  • Software Available - Android/Windows OS
  • 24/7 operation
  • High-resolution Visuals
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Multi-Window Capability
  • Mobile or Stationary
Standing Mobile Koisks
Hesitant about the upfront cost?
  • Available For Rent: 55-inch Standing Mobile Kiosk only.
  • Rental Available For: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

Standing Mobile Kiosk for rental for your short-term needs or extended use through our special leasing program (minimum quantity applies).

Ditch the upfront burden and embrace a cost-effective way to maximize customer engagement with our mobile kiosk.

Contact Zoom Visual today to discuss your rental kiosk!

Front and side view of Standing Mobile Kiosk