LED Digital Clock


Forget the constant scramble for new batteries and embrace the modern era of timekeeping with Zoom Visual’s LED Digital Clocks. They’re guaranteed to boost your productivity with reliable, long-lasting performance. Witnessing a surge in popularity, synchronized digital clocks are taking over offices, lobbies, institutions, and major hubs.

Imagine a digital wall clock that seamlessly combines:

        • Impeccable Accuracy: Never miss a beat with precise timekeeping you can rely on.
        • Crystal-Clear Visibility: Effortlessly read the time from across the room with the advanced LED display, even at 30 meters away.
        • Enhanced Punctuality: Schedule meetings, classes, breaks, presentations, and shift changes with newfound ease, fostering a culture of punctuality.


    But Zoom Visual goes beyond the standard. Our GPS synchronization ensures perfect time across the board. We have multiple time zone displays that keep everyone on the same page and countdown timers to build anticipation and excitement.


    Installation is a breeze! Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to seamlessly integrate with any space, be it a cozy office or a sprawling facility. Mount them on walls or ceilings the choice is yours.


    Upgrade your timekeeping game today with Zoom Visual’s LED Digital Clocks.

More Details
  • High Visibility Range
  • Immediate Correction for Time Change
  • Multiple Settings for brightness Dynamic Input Voltage
  • Double Mount Bracket Available • Fully Automatic Plug and Play – No Settings Required
  • Automatic Polarity Detection
  • Quick Correction (Valcom 2-Wire)
  • UTP Connectivity
GPS-Synchronized LED Digital Clock System