LED Poster Display

Ditch static posters and capture attention with the cutting edge LED Poster Display! Unlike bulky LED screens, this portable powerhouse reaches previously inaccessible spaces, offering a modern twist on advertising. Forget flimsy cardboard signs easily damaged by weather – this durable display boasts high resolution, vibrant colors, and impressive brightness for clear visibility even in challenging lighting. Precise color accuracy enhances eye-catching content, while energy efficiency and long lifespan ensure cost-effectiveness.


Zoom Visual understands the importance of visibility. Our high-resolution, bright LED Poster Panels are designed to stand out, even in unfavorable conditions. We prioritize long-lasting, cost-effective materials, making your investment truly worthwhile.


Our versatile, scalable, and energy-efficient LED Poster Displays are ideal for boosting brand awareness. We’re with you every step of the way, from initial concept to installation and after-sales support. We even offer extended warranties serviced by our highly qualified and experienced in-house technicians.


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More Details
  • Screen size - 55 inches & 43 inches
  • Screen resolution: 2K & 4K
  • Encased in Industrial
  • Grade tempered glass
  • High Brightness & Portable
  • Customization Available
  • Efficient power consumption
LED Poster Display
Visual Mastery
  • Exquisitely fine-tuned pixel pitch starting from P0.9mm
  • True-to-life graphics in high-resolution LED poster display
  • Fluid motion mastery with high refresh rate
  • Crystal clear perfect harmony contrast rate of true black and white
  • Ultra-realistic colour rendering with a pronounced emphasis on colour precision
Multifaceted Configuration
  • Create a canvas limited only by imagination with customizable panels
  • Perfect golden aspect ratio without compromise
  • Precise colour calibration for the subtlest hues to the boldest shades
  • Multiple installation methods – wall mount / panel stack / hanging
  • Extend your product coverage with Zoom Visual's Extended Warranty