The Ultimate Guide to LCD and LED Displays for Digital Signage

Henry / May 8, 2024
A digital signage display at Changi Airport featuring Jack Daniel's.

Looking to purchase a Video Wall or Digital Signage? Still pondering if LCD or LED Display would be a better purchase? The question of which one is better is often asked during our discussions with clients. This blog aims to debunk all the doubts and misconceptions one may have when deciding to purchase an LCD or LED Display. First and foremost, it is important to note that there is no superiority when it comes to both LCD and LED. The final decision of purchasing either one should be led by the application and other considerations such as cost and size. Let’s dive into the definition and how an image is formed in both display technology.


Light Emitting Diode, LED is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current flows through it. Semiconductors differ from the normal conductors as they have intermediate conductivity that can be controlled through temperature and doping. An LED Screen is made of many individual pixels, each containing red, green, and blue LED elements A image is formed when the pixels form a grid pattern across a screen. These individual pixels act like mini light bulbs, which is why most LED Screen do not require a backlight.

The selling point of an LED Screen is its high brightness, durability and scalability. As an LED Digital Signage offers higher brightness than an LCD Wall, they are a better choice for outdoor applications. The key issue with brightness is the environment the LED Display is placed in. With various ambient lighting, using an LCD Screen will cause the image to have glare and a reduced contrast. LED Display generally have a longer lifespan as they not only come with a higher IP rating but also better heat emission elements. Lastly, LED displays, such as LED Video Wall, offers better scalability. This is because LED Display Panel are interchangeable and can be easily expanded or reduced in size to fit various applications and spaces. Hence, an LED screen excels best in outdoor advertising and large-scale display needs.


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a type of flat panel display technology. It works by using liquid crystals to manipulate light, allowing for the creation of images or text on a screen. An LCD Screen does not produce light itself but uses liquid crystals to manipulate light. As a result, all LCD Screen form images through a combination of liquid crystals, polarizers, and a backlight source.

In our discussions with most of our clients, cost seems to be a deciding factor. Understandably, as an LCD and LED with constant maintenance and care can last more than decade. Again, it is vital that we understand that there is no superiority between LCD and LED Display. In the context of Video Wall and Digital Signage, let’s examine the scenarios and use cases in which LED and LCD screens excel.

When it comes to LCD Display, colour accuracy and cost effectiveness are its main selling points. LCD Screen are known to have excellent image quality and colour accuracy when used in controlled lighting conditions. LCD Screens are cost effective especially in smaller displays and budget-conscious installations. The reason is because LCD Displays use cheaper materials and often are mass produced which help reduce the cost per unit. Hence, an LCD screen excels best in indoor Digital Signage and small-scale display needs.


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