General FAQ
  • How does an LED display screen work?

    LED display screens consist of small LED modules arranged in a grid. Each module contains RGB LEDs or single-color LEDs, which can be controlled to create a wide range of colours and shades.

  • What are the different types of LED display screens?

    LED display screens are categorized into indoor and outdoor types. Outdoor displays are weather-resistant, have high brightness levels, and provide excellent visibility in daylight.

  • Are LED display screens customizable in terms of size and shape?

    Yes, LED display screens offer flexible sizing and shaping options in various designs of LED screen cabinet’s dimensions. LED modules can be combined to create screens of various dimensions and aspect ratios, enabling customized designs to suit specific requirements.

  • Can LED display screens be used for video content?

    Definitely YES! LED display screens are widely used for live or streamed video content as well as static image. With our high refresh rates of 3840Hz, it can display smooth and fluid motion, making it suitable for applications like advertising, sports events, concerts, digital signage and many more.

  • Are LED display screens energy-efficient?

    LED Screens are not energy-efficient, but with our enhanced technology in our products, it has higher power-saving as compared to others LED screen product in the market.

  • Can LED display screens be controlled remotely?

    Yes, LED display screens can be controlled remotely using various methods. 

  • What is the lifespan of a LED screen display?

    LED screens have a long lifespan. On average, LED screens can last up to 100,000 hours or more, depending on usage and quality. This longevity makes them a cost-effective investment for businesses and organisations.

  • What is the difference between LED and LCD display screens?

    LED (Light Emitting Diode) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) are two different display technologies. LED screens use an array of LEDs as the with self-emittance light source on the screen, while LCD screens use a backlight, typically a fluorescent lamp or LED, to illuminate the liquid crystal display panel.

  • Are LED screens more expensive than LCD screens?

    LED screens can be slightly more expensive than LCD screens initially. However, over time, the energy efficiency of LED screens can lead to lower operational costs, which may offset the initial price difference. Product pricing comparison is highly dependent on specification requirements between LED screen and LCD screen.

  • Do LED screens have better color accuracy than LCD screens?

    LED screens can offer better color accuracy and a wider color gamut compared to LCD screens. LED screens can achieve this by using RGB LEDs that emit red, green, and blue light directly, allowing for more precise colour reproduction. LED screen also provides higher vibrancy over LCD screen.

  • Can both LED and LCD screens display high-definition content?

    Yes, both LED and LCD screens are capable of displaying high-definition content. The resolution and image quality depend on the specific model and specifications of the screen rather than the display technology itself.

  • What is the pixel pitch of an LED screen?

    Pixel pitch refers to the distance between adjacent pixels on an LED screen. It determines the resolution and image clarity of a screen of the equivalent screen size. LED screens are available in various pixel pitch options, ranging from small pixel pitch screens from 0.47mm for close viewing distances to larger pixel pitch screens 10mm for longer viewing distances. 

  • Can I pay by instalment?

    Zoom Visual has partnered with a reputable financial entity to offer customers an instalment plan, allowing them to opt for a hire purchase scheme and avoid upfront capital expenditure. Terms and conditions apply to this convenient offering.

Repair FAQ
  • Can LED screens be repaired if they develop issues?

    Yes, LED screens can be repaired if they develop issues. Allowing for efficient resolution of any issues that may arise, Zoom Visual having her in-house repair team ensures prompt and reliable repairs for LED screen display component such as LED display module, driver IC, receiving card etc.

  • What are some common issues that can occur with LED screens?

    LED screens can experience various issues, including dead pixels, image distortion, flickering, color calibration problems, power supply failures, receiving card failures and connectivity issues. These issues can be caused by low quality componen, environmental factors, or improper handling.

  • Can individual LEDs be replaced if they stop working?

    Our in-house repair team at Zoom Visual is equipped to replace individual LED display modules that may stop working on LED display screens. We have the expertise to carry out targeted repairs, minimizing downtime for our clients.

  • Are LED screen repairs covered under warranty?

    LED screen repair warranty is covered by Zoom Visual within Defect and Liability Period (DLP), subject to the specific terms and conditions. For detailed information, please reach out to our sales representative.

  • How long does it take to rectify or repair a faulty LED screen?

    LED screen repair time varies based on issue complexity and part availability. Simple rectification only requires 10-15mins, while more extensive repairs may require additional time.

  • Can preventative maintenance help reduce the need for repairs?

    Regular preventative maintenance extends LED screen lifespan and reduces issues. This includes cleaning, ensuring ventilation, monitoring damage, and following guidelines. Comprehensive maintenance is also available as an option for end user.

  • What is the duration of the warranty for an LED screen?

    The duration of an LED screen warranty can vary depending on the model. It is common to see warranties ranging from 1 to 3 years.

  • What does the LED screen warranty cover?

    LED screen warranties typically cover manufacturing defects and failures that occur under normal use. This includes issues with the screen's components of all hardware parts.

  • Will I be responsible for any costs during the warranty period?

    Zoom Visual covers the costs of repairs or replacements for issues covered under the warranty’s terms and conditions during the warranty period. However, there may be exceptions due to force majeure.

  • Can I extend the warranty for my LED screen?

    Zoom Visual offer the option to extend the warranty for an additional period beyond the standard coverage. This may involve purchasing an extended warranty package.

  • What documentation should I keep for warranty purposes?

    It is important to retain the original proof of purchase, such as a delivery order, as it may be required to validate warranty claims.

  • Does the warranty cover software issues?

    Yes! Warranty covers software issue including updating of software version.

Lease Led Screen
  • Are LED Sign Lease Options Available?

    LED sign lease options are available for selected products. Contact us for more information and assistance in exploring the leasing options that suit your requirements.

  • Why would I consider leasing an LED sign instead of purchasing one outright?

    Leasing an LED screen is best for short-term usage.

  • Do you provide training for the cloud management system?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive training for our cloud management system. We understand the importance of ensuring our clients to have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the user-friendly CMS.

  • What does the training cover?

    Our training covers various aspects of the cloud management system, including its features, functionalities, user interface, scheduling management and system administration. We aim to equip users with the knowledge to maximize the system's potential.

  • Is the training customized for our organization's specific needs?

    Yes, we consider your industry, business processes, and any unique needs to ensure the training is relevant and practical.

  • How is the training delivered?

    We offer various training delivery methods, including on-site sessions or virtual webinars. We can discuss the most suitable training approach based on your preferences and logistical considerations.

  • Who conducts the training sessions?

    Our experienced trainers, who are well-versed in the cloud management system, conduct the training sessions. They have in-depth knowledge of the system's functionality and are skilled at delivering effective training.

  • How long does the training typically last?

    Our training typically last for 60mins to 90mins depending on the number of questions arise from the trainees.

  • Are training materials and resources provided?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive training materials, including user manuals, guides, and tutorials, to support the training process. These resources will serve as valuable references for users after the training sessions.

  • Is ongoing support available after the training?

    Absolutely. We offer ongoing technical and user support via phone call / whatsapp to ensure a smooth transition and continued success with the cloud management system. Our support team is readily available to address any questions or issues that may arise.

Post Sales Service / Service Centre Support
  • What post-sales services do you provide?

    We offer a range of post-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction. This includes technical support, troubleshooting assistance, repair services, and guidance on product usage and maintenance by Zoom Visual in-house support team.

  • How do I access your post-sales service and support?

    To access our post-sales service and support, you can reach out to our dedicated customer service team through phone call, WhatsApp or email. We will promptly assist you with any queries or issues you may have.

  • What if I have additional questions or issues after receiving service?

    If you have any additional questions or encounter further issues after receiving service, our customer service team is available to assist you again. Simply reach out to us, and we will address your concerns promptly and provide the necessary support.

  • How long is the service centre support available?

    Our service centre support is available during regular business hours, with extended support options and emergency services as necessary. We will provide you with the contact information and support hours you need for prompt assistance.

  • Do you have a dedicated customer service team?

    Yes, we have a dedicated customer service team that is trained and ready to assist you with any post-sales service inquiries or issues you may have.

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