Portable Digital Signage

Forget Static Banners, Embrace the Future:

Portable Digital Signage on the Go!


Imagine ditching static banners and unleashing the power of captivating, dynamic marketing wherever you go. That’s the reality with Portable Digital Signage, the ultimate tool for on the move marketers.


This isn’t just any display, it’s a multi-talented powerhouse:

Eye-catching LED Display: Say goodbye to bland visuals. Crisp, bright LED technology ensures your message shines, while the sleek, modern design turns heads and elevates your brand image.

Interactive Kiosk: Engage your audience like never before. The user-friendly interface invites interaction, perfect for showcasing products, delivering targeted promotions, or providing wayfinding information.

Ultimate Portability: Unleash endless possibilities. Move your display effortlessly, switch content instantly, and reach your audience wherever they are – in retail stores, pop-up shops, or bustling street corners.


Picture this:

  • In retail: Captivate customers in-store, highlight products with dynamic visuals, and boost sales with engaging promotions.
  • Pop-up shops: Make a lasting impression with a unique, eye-catching presence that sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Brand awareness campaigns: Elevate your brand with interactive displays that capture attention, spark conversation, and drive engagement.


Your customer journey starts here:

  1. Attention: As they walk by, the vibrant LED display pulls them in with its captivating visuals.
  2. Engagement: The interactive interface invites them to explore, learn more, and interact with your brand.
  3. Action: Informed, engaged, and ready to visit your store, click your link, or take the next step towards conversion.


Don’t wait to bring Portable Digital Signage into YOUR reality!

Contact us today and discover how this innovative tool can transform your marketing and connect with your audience in an unprecedented way.

  • Screen Size: 32 Inch / 43 inch / 49 inch / 55 inch / 65 inch LCD Screen
  • Other features: Foldable / Support USB player / Split screen capability
  • Weight: Approx 20kg - 25kg
  • Resolution & Brightness: 1920*1080 FHD & 350cd/㎡