K-Shape Standing Mobile Kiosk

The K-Shape Standing Mobile Kiosk is your ticket to making a bold statement and leaving a lasting impression. Its unique, eye-catching design isn’t just for show, it houses a stunning, high-resolution display that brings your message to life with vibrant colors and crystal-clear clarity.


This isn’t just a static display, it’s a portable powerhouse that empowers you to take your message on the go. Lightweight and easy to set up, the K-Shape kiosk lets you mobilize your advertising efforts anywhere, from bustling street corners to busy conventions. Our user-friendly design ensures you’re up and running in no time, focusing on what matters most: engaging your audience.


Showcase your brand, promote new products, share valuable information – the possibilities are endless. This versatile tool becomes an extension of your brand identity, reflecting your professionalism and innovation with its sleek, modern aesthetic. But the K-Shape doesn’t just look good, it’s built to last. Durable construction ensures your message reaches its destination in style, withstanding the demands of even the most dynamic environments.


Don’t settle for ordinary. Invest in impact and unleash the power of the K-Shape Standing Mobile Kiosk. Click here for an instant enquiry and discover how this unique solution can transform your marketing strategy and captivate audiences wherever they may be.

More Details
  • Sizes - 32 inches, 43 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, & 75 inches
  • Multi-language
  • 24/7 runtime
  • 10 or more IR touchpoints
  • Wifi & 4G & 3G available
  • Softwares available - Android & Windows OS
K-Shape Standing Mobile Kiosk