Transparent LED Screens

Unveil a vision unlike any other. Introducing our Transparent LED Screen, where cutting-edge technology meets captivating design.


Imagine transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases. Our ultra-thin, lightweight screen seamlessly integrates into any environment, from bustling retail stores to modern offices. Witness vibrant visuals that shine through, regardless of lighting conditions, thanks to its superior brightness and contrast.


Showcase captivating advertising, deliver impactful presentations, or create immersive experiences – the possibilities are endless. This eco-friendly display boasts effortless installation and maintenance, making it ideal for businesses and creative minds alike.


Rewrite your visual narrative. Elevate your brand with the Transparent LED Screen.

Simple and Light Structure

MESH TYPE DESIGN - The width of each LED light bar is between 1.56-4mm, and the gap permeability can reach between 60%-90%, high permeability does not affect the lighting and ventilation of building

FLEXIBLE FRAMELESS DESIGN: The flexible frame supports curved installation, and a more suitable installation angle can be designed according to the onsite installation position.

MODULAR DESIGN: Simple structure to reduce installation costs.

Thin, breathable LED light bars for bright illumination and airflow.
Easy To Install And Maintain

LED transparent cabinet maintenance only needs to replace the damaged panel instead of replacing the whole cabinet as traditional display to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Close up of Transparent LED Screen.
Full Color LED Display

The red, green, and blue light-emitting lamps in different brightness can produce different colors of light, and present a better playback effect.The display screen adopts the first-line brand lamp beads to restore the true color.

Two different LED display showing sliced citrus fruits
Artist Impression

Explore additional examples in the case study section to seehow other companies have successfully incorporated our products.

Artist impression of a large scale Transparent LED Screen used on a building.