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Lili / September 11, 2023
LED Display at Foot Locker

A living content? Have you ever developed feelings for an advertisement you saw? Have you thought what about that content that captivated you? In this blog, we will be diving into the elements that make an advertisement capable of invoking emotions. From a marketing perspective, invoking emotions is one of the first steps in the planning stage when creating a content. The identified intended emotions will form the foundation for subsequent elements. This blog aims to provide content creators with a checklist to aid them in their content creation. As content takes a digital form, we will be contextualising the usage of LED Display Panel in our discussion.

Creating compelling content for LED Display, whether it’s graphics, videos, or animations, is essential to capture the attention of your audience and effectively convey your message. To all marketers, it is no stranger when I say that the planning stage is the most important and time consuming. In our discussion, there are a total of 4 considerations that go into planning a content.

1. Start with a clear message and intended emotions

To start off, determine the main purpose of your content, be clear about your end goal. What action or response do you want from your audience? Secondly, identify your target audience. These includes specific market segmentation factors such as their values, lifestyle and benefits sought. Following that, decide on the emotions you want your content to evoke in your audience. Remember to show, not state the emotion, these can take on the form of words or graphics. Lastly, ensure that your message and emotion does not overstep any boundaries form by your target audience.

2. Consider the technical aspect of your content

When it comes content display on a LED Display Screen, Digital Signage or Video Wall, technical aspects play a huge role. In our previous blogs, we discussed on pixel pitch, viewing distance and screen size. In another blog, we dived into how aspect ratio and resolution influence the end content https://zoomvisual.com.sg/led-display-panel-mutual-agreements/ . The intended viewing distance determines the screen size, while the screen size affects the pixel pitch. Aspect ratio affects content display, while resolution impacts the quality and detail of the content. These technical terms form the type of LED Display and the specifications of a LED Screen. For example, a 4:3 Outdoor LED Screen will encounter “letterboxing” or “black bars” on the top and bottom of the screen when presenting a content that was made in the aspect ratio of 16:9. On the topic of Digital Signage, this is why it is important to have a Digital Signage Solution. A solution considers components that can create vivid and eye-catching visuals.

3. Identify the creative elements in your content

In a visual stimulating society, it is imperative that content creators find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Some creative elements include fonts, colour theme and animations that can grab attention. However, these elements need to be consistent with branding and remain relevant to your message. According to Fiverr  , colours evoke emotions while fonts shapes the perspective of the consumer to the organisation.

4. Consider integrating tools to aid in your storytelling

The good news of the century is that there are tools capable of optimizing everything we have discussed. These tools are usually mentioned in a Digital Signage Solution and can include a Digital Signage Player. Inside the player, there are software installed that can provide options to content adjustment. These features can maintain image quality, optimize file size and allow for scheduling and organising of content.

In conclusion, remember that the goal of content on LED display Panel is to grab attention, convey information, and leave a lasting impression. Zoom Visual offers all types of LED Display Screen, Video Wall and Digital Signage. Together with those LED Display, we also supply Digital Signage Player that form a part of the Digital Signage Solution. Contact us today for an consultation and on-site visit!


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