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Lili / November 8, 2020
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Introducing Facial Biometric Thermometer (A Trusted Brand for Thermal Scanner)

Zoom Visual Pte Ltd has a key role to play in achieving Covid-19 free Singapore. Establishments in Singapore are using tools like ICTs, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve public services, enhance business processes, empower citizens and ultimately provide a better quality of life. The Covid-19 pandemic has only highlighted the importance of digital services, at a time when physical contacts must be reduced.

With this, our company Zoom Visual Pte Ltd proudly announces our new product Facial Biometric Thermometer, a Health Science Authority (HSA) certified temperature screening solution specifically designed in today’s urging need for Covid-19 prevention and detection. Facial Biometric Thermometer is a Contactless Temperature Scanner & Face Recognition device with built-in Biometric Attendance and vicinity grant access feature. This temperature screening device can automate the screening features previously can be done just by staff members which can pose danger to their health.

Facial Biometric Thermometer features include less than 1 second detection time, making transactions faster preventing a longer queue thus lessening the potential spread of the virus. It is also an effective thermal scanning feature that can detect people within one (1) meter making it very applicable to establishments that encourage social distancing. It also offer trusted temperature scanning result in terms of detecting body temperature. If it detects that it has scanned an abnormal increase in temperature or a person not wearing proper protective equipment (face mask recognition and detection), It will alert admin and will sound notification and alarm once it detected any of the irregularities mentioned above.

Facial Biometric Thermometer is offered by Zoom Visual Pte Ltd and we are proudly announcing that Zoom Visual is a pre-approved vendor for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Kindly message us for a quotation and we would gladly assist you on the next steps needed in case you wanted to avail of the said grant.

For more information on Zoom Visual’s Facial Biometric Thermometer and our other products, visit our website www.zoomvisual.com.sg and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/zoomvisualed/.


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