Digital Signage: Magic in the details

Lili / August 24, 2023
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Planning to purchase a Digital Signage? Ever heard of the saying “The devil is in the details”? Similarly, when purchasing a Digital Signage, the magic starts from the details. These considerations are somethings that you should look at or ask your supplier. From pixel pitch to connectivity, this blog discusses on what and why these are crucial before purchase.

To recap, a Digital Signage Display is a medium to project information, advertisements, and other content to a targeted audience. You can find the presence of Digital Signage everywhere from public spaces to malls and corporate offices. Digital Signage Displays can vary in size, shape, and application. They mainly rely on technologies such as LED, LCD, or OLED. After all, the purpose of the Digital Signage Screen is to effectively display information and attract attention.

To begin, we will be covering the relationship between pixel pitch and viewing distance, resolution, screen size, connectivity, cost, and warranty. It is important to note that all these are not independent factors but dependent elements that form a Digital Signage Solution.

Relationship between Pixel pitch and Viewing distance

In a Digital Signage Screen, there is a direct correlation between pixel pitch and viewing distance. A pixel pitch is the distance between one LED pixel to another. A smaller pixel pitch equals a shorter comfortable viewing distance. According to Samsung Insight, every millimetre of pitch equates to a 8 feet comfortable viewing distance. This understanding is vital as when viewed closer than the optimal viewing distance, our audience will see the individual LED lights rather than the whole content. Hence, it is important to consider the content and range in which the Digital Signage Display is intended to reach. In conclusion, a further viewing distance requires a larger pixel pitch.

Relationship between Resolution and Screen size

A common misconception is that resolution and screen size refer to the same thing. Resolution refers to the number of individual pixels that make up an image displayed on the screen. It’s a measure of how detailed the final image will appear. On the other hand, screen size refers to the physical dimensions of the display. This is why Zoom Visual’s project team does site visits and measurements to understand the space requirements. The common resolution that all businesses look for in Digital Signage Display is Full HD (1080p). Another common misconception is that Full HD and 2K are the same. This misconception stems from the fact that 2K does not have a standardized resolution. Resolution has more in common with pixel pitch than screen size. As screen size only translates to more content available for display. To sum up, the optimal balance between resolution and screen size still depends on viewing distance and the intended use.


As the use of content management has seen an increase in the years, so has connectivity become a major concern. The two ways that businesses can input content in the Digital Signage Screen is through local or cloud. Together with content management, Cloud Based Digital Signage has also been on the rise. In the previous blog on Digital Signage Player, we went through the relationship between the device and player. With every Digital Signage Solution, Zoom Visual also offers the option of Digital Signage Player that has cloud storage access to our servers. With Cloud Based Digital Signage, the option of remote content management now becomes available.


Evidently, there is a correlation between cost and the factors discussed such as pixel pitch, resolution, and screen size. Small pixel pitches, high resolution and large screen size will generally lead to higher cost. However, we understand that cost can be a major deterrent. Hence, Zoom Visual offer higher purchase options of one to three years at Zoom Visual.


All the Digital Signage Screen supplied by Zoom Visual has a minimum of 1 year product warranty with the manufacturer. However, it is common to see issues arising only after the first year, as such Zoom Visual offers additional extended warranty on the hardware. As a powerhouse in the Digital Signage industry, we have sourced for qualified in-house technicians that have extensive product experience. From concept to installation and even after-sales support, you can be assured that Zoom Visual covers it all.

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