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Transparent LED display boards allow for a stunning display of visual effects on any glass surface that is sure to dazzle your audience. Transparent LED display boards are highly suitable for retail applications in store outlets and restaurants. Designed for transparent LED display boards, it is light in weight and high in brightness – a superior choice for advertising, promotion or entertainment.

Colour Quality

This colour quality of our transparent LED is supremely excellent. It able to provide 16bit colour and full brightness of up to 6500nit which is not any lower than the normal conventional LED display screen. Even if you are face your transparent LED screen outward from your facade, it will still achieve highly visible image from strong sunlight. The latest SMD technologies also allows the light to spread evenly throughout the whole screen.

High Transparency

Despite having it fine pixel pitch of down to 3.9mm, our Transparent LED display provides high transparency rate of up to 80%. Highly suitable for retail displays.

Customized Shape

We are now able to customise your transparent LED Display in any shape to suite your usage and decoration. Especially for those who require cutting edge design for your retail outlet, mall atrium and exhibition hall. It will not affect any of your quality on image.

Indoor Transparent LED

With 70% to 90% transparency and panel thickness of between 10 and 20mm, natural daylight is not affected. These indoor transparent LED display boards can be customised to any size to match your window or building facade perfectly

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