Floor LED Display

Forget Stepping Over Screens, Walk on Them!

Introducing the Immersive Floor LED Display


Imagine walking across vibrant visuals and dynamic content displayed seamlessly on the floor itself. That’s the magic of the Floor LED Display, a revolutionary technology transforming ordinary spaces into immersive experiences.

Unlike traditional LED screens, this innovative display lies right under your feet, utilizing high-resolution panels to create a captivating “digital ground.” But it’s not just the placement that sets it apart:


Eye-Catching Clarity: Experience stunning visuals with incredible brightness and detail, ensuring your message grabs attention and remains readable from any angle or distance.


Seamless Integration: Forget bulky displays disrupting your environment. The thin, lightweight, and flexible panels adapt to curved and flat surfaces, blending seamlessly into any space without causing inconvenience.


Built to Last, Built to Perform: Engineered to withstand foot traffic, these displays are tough as nails. Plus, LED technology’s energy efficiency reduces heat and power consumption, minimizing costs and extending lifespan.


Smart and Connected: Integrate the Floor LED Display with a content management system for ultimate control. Manage content remotely, connect to real-time data sources, and personalize your display experience effortlessly.


More Than Just a Display, a Solution: From entertainment venues to educational institutions, retail spaces to transportation hubs, Zoom Visual’s Floor LED Display caters to diverse industries. It’s a truly versatile solution, ready to elevate your business goals.


Ready to take your communication and engagement to the next level? Contact us today for a consultation and discover how the Floor LED Display can transform your space!

More Details
  • Pixel Pitch: 3.91 mm
  • Brightness: 3,000 nit
  • High Durability
  • Excellent Usability
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Interactive Touch Screen
Floor LED Display
Immersive Visual
  • Impressive close-up experience of pixel pitch starting from P2.9mm
  • High resolution redefined
  • Ultra bright LED modules for uncompromised performance regardless of lighting conditions
  • Highest refresh rate for visual consistency even in motion
  • Dynamic contrast performance produces rich blacks and bright whites
  • Color fidelity ensuring that every shade and hue is replicated flawlessly
Proven performance
  • IP65/IP54 high protection boasting full-waterproof anti-scratch resistant
  • Versatile configurations for various shapes and sizes
  • Eliminate colour drift with advanced calibration technology
  • Future-proof your installations with Zoom Visual's Extended Warranty