Polycom Video Conferencing Solution: The Unexpected Ally

Lili / July 31, 2023
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Remember what it felt like to work during Covid19? Do you find yourself using video conferencing more after that whole ordeal? Numerous news channels have reported that video conferencing services in Singapore have skyrocketed ever since 2019. One article from TheStraitsTimes reported back in 2020 that the video conferencing scene looks like it’s here to stay. The article interviewed App Annie’s senior insights manager Lexi Sydow. She summarised that even when the danger of transmission has mellowed, video conferencing will have a new purpose. Video conferencing services in Singapore will see the unraveling of geological barriers and foster the ability to work and socialize.

With video conferencing services in Singapore booming, the market has expanded into numerous players such as Polycom video conferencing solution, Cisco video conferencing system in Singapore, and Webex video conference Singapore. Hence, it is imperative that companies research on the most suitable trusted video conference solutions.

What is Polycom?


The Polycom video conferencing solution is a platform that enables real-time, full HD video and high-definition audio. With its innovative hardware and software integration, it comes fully equipped with all the necessary features to enable a seamless exchange of ideas and solutions.

Below are the key features of the Polycom video conferencing system.


1. High-quality Audio and Video

The system supports resolutions of 1080p using USB 2.0 and 4K using USB 3.0. Additionally, the audio carries stereo sound and the microphone supports a maximum distance of 4 meters.

2. Scalability

With the capabilities of supporting up to 200 video participants and 800 voice participants, this makes it excellent for large-scale remote conference events.

3. Content sharing

The system allows for instant drag-and-send content sharing. The content is not limited to documents but also includes multimedia dissemination. This is effective when vital information is needed to be sent uniformly.

4. Interoperability

The system has passed all checks and is compatible with all mainstream operating systems like Windows and Mac.

5. Security

The system has achieved ISO 27001 certification. The ISO/IEC 27001 is the most widely accepted international standard for information security best practices.


To further facilitate an immersive experience during video conferences, here are two add-ons you can consider acquiring:

1. Logitech video conferencing microphone

2. Logitech video conferencing camera

Besides being a solution provider, Zoom Visual carries audio systems such as the Logitech wireless microphone for video conferencing, Table Microphone, and Ceiling Microphone

Wondering if you would need a Video Conference System? Here are a few clients from a variety of industries that Zoom Visual has worked with.

1. People’s Association (Government)

2. ST Engineering (Manufacturing)

3. ITE (Education)

4. RHB (Financial)

5. Singapore Police Force (Government)


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