LED Display Screen: Down to the last pixel

Lili / August 7, 2023
LED Display Screen at JD Sports BangKok

For business on the modern advertising route, you would have certainly bought multiple LED Display Screen for your business. Regardless whether your business is retail, education or transportation, this blog definitely satisfies at least some of your questions. If your LED Screen is 2 to 3 years old, you might encounter a blacked-out area. Before we identify the reason for a blacked-out area, we first have to know the LED Display inside out.

What is the LED Display Screen made of?

An LED Display Panel consists of multiple components, each playing a crucial role in ensuring a crisp and bright display. At Zoom Visual, we offer an extended hardware warranty for the LED Display after the product warranty expires. Here are few of the key hardware components LED Screen.

LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes)

LEDs, or Light-Emitting Diodes, are the core components of LED Displays. They emit light when an electric current passes through them, forming pixels with specific colours, typically RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

Pixel Matrix

The pixel matrix is like micro light bulbs that host each pixel on the LED Display Board. Each pixel emits a colour on the RGB spectrum, controlling the intensity creates diverse colours, displaying images and videos.

Driver ICs

To control the brightness and colour of the LEDs, the driver ICs takes orders from the control system. Hence, we can view the driver ICs as a ‘middle man’ of the control system to the LEDs.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

The PCB is the concrete foundation that holds and connects all the electronic components, including the LEDS and driver ICs. The PCB acts like a conductor in delivering power and data connectivity to the LEDs.

Power Supply and Cooling System

The power supply and cooling system work together. The power supply deliver electricity and create heat. Excessive heat can cause issues like tripping or pixel failure. The cooling system steps in to prevent these problems.

Control System

The control system acts like the brain of the LED Display. The brain processes unit, memory and software that manages the content displayed on the screen. The component ladder, from top to bottom, is Power, Cooling, Control, PCB, Driver, Matrix, and LED.

Common issues of the LED Display Panel

Dead pixel
Stuck pixel
Image burn-ins
Faint afterimages
Uneven brightness
Electrical issues

What should I do/How to mitigate an LED Display issue?

To begin with, always rely on certified experts for LED Display issues and maintenance. Do not attempt to resolve any hardware or software by yourself. At Zoom Visual, we offer an extended hardware warranty for the LED Display after the product warranty expires. Our internally sourced technicians ensure every step, from installation to maintenance, is well taken care of.

Here are some recommended steps to lessen issues from growing.

1) Ensure installation is done by credible companies with a sizeable clientele.
2) For 24/7 content display, adjust brightness and contrast based on the hours of the day.
3) Utilize content scheduling for a variety of content to avoid image burn-ins or faint afterimages
4) Ensure that the current flowing is the right amount of voltage for the LED Display
5) If the display does not require 24/7 content display, switch off when not in use
6) If the LED Display is in crowded areas, consider covering the LED Display Panel with a clear divider.

Is your LED Screen having hardware issues? Supplier does not provide repair and maintenance service? Zoom Visual is your one-stop solution supplier from consultation, product to repairs.
Here are a few ways to get in contact with us:
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