Digital Signage: Retail edition

Lili / July 19, 2023
Digital Signage at Marina Bay Sands@The Shoppes

Has any digital signage ever caught your attention? Have you ever wondered what about the signage that caught your attention?


In the retail scene, it almost seems like a battle of capturing attention, with graphic images shooting pixels and infographics bombing customers with various forms of call to action. If you have been to any shopping mall or district, you will understand what this blog is about. This blog carries great importance to businesses looking to boost their sales and acquire new customers. There is a famous saying among businesses “It is easier and cheaper to keep a customer rather than to acquire a new one.” As much as this is true, it does not have to stay that way. Saravana Kumar, founder & CEO of wrote in his blog at Forbes that one of the significant expenses in acquiring new customers is marketing. Acquiring one new customer can cost five to seven times more than retaining an old one.


Here’s what you should consider before purchasing


  1. Purpose of the digital signages/screens
  2. What are the types of digital signages/screens?
  3. What are the space constraints and measurements of where the digital signage/screen will be?
  4. How many digital signages/screens will you need?
  5. Is there a specific resolution you are looking for?
  6. What is your budget? Is there a range on your budget?
  7. Make sure to ask the supplier if there are installation charges
  8. If possible, ask to see a product sample and an explanation of usage


One of the issues that retail stores faced that was mentioned was the method of transmitting content to the screen. With Cloud-Based Digital Signage Hosting, there is no longer a need for a physical external device to be plugged into the display device.


How do we ensure that every single cent of the marketing expenses produces results?


The most common and highly used marketing tool is advertisement. An advertisement aims to bring an intended message with a call to action to the customer. Advertisements utilize motion graphics and static images, which leads us to question how and where these advertisements are being displayed. The answer is through a digital display. Below are examples of a few forms that a digital display can take.


  1. Digital Signage Notice Board
  2. Digital Signage Menu Board
  3. Digital Interactive Signage Display Screen Kiosk
  4. Digital Signage Display 
  5. LED Signage Poster Display
  6. LED Signage Banner Ticket Board
  7. LED Signage Video Wall
  8. Ceiling LED Signage Display
  9. Curve and Flexi Signage Display
  10. Floor LED Signage Display
  11. Transparent LED Signage Screen


Currently, the most popular digital signage displays that retail stores utilize are Digital Signage Displays, Digital Interactive Signage Display Screen Kiosks and Transparent LED Signage Screens. Digital Signage Displays and Digital Interactive Signage Display Screen Kiosks have been in the retail scene for a long time, commonly used in malls as directory boards and promotion display screens. Transparent LED Signage Screens have been a rising popular necessity in retail stores, especially in stores that focus on aesthetics and layout. Transparent LED Signage Screens come in not only fixed screens but also Curved and Flexi Signage Displays, and they are customisable to cater for any space constraints or design demands.


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