Digital Display: Corporate Edition

Lili / September 26, 2023
A digital display mounted on a wall in an office meeting room.

If you think that LED Display and Digital Signages are only for the retail industry  , this blog is for you! In this blog, we will be looking into the corporate scene. The aim of this blog is to identify areas in which various systems can benefit from the use of Digital Display. The main products/services in this blog are LED Display Screen, LED Digital Clock, Digital Notice Board, Digital Signage Screen, Conferencing System and Booking System.

Take a moment to analyze these products/services, you will notice that they have been integrated in your everyday life. Ask yourself, where have you seen a LED Display Screen? Or a LED Digital Clock? Products such as the Digital Notice Board may not be common but surely, every office has a notice board? The core of Digital Display is not complicate existing systems but to make them more efficient.

Now that we have established a common understanding, let’s dive into the specifics. Imagine along with me as we take a tour around a corporate building. First of all, we have the LED Display Screen. Available in indoor and outdoor models, the Indoor LED Screen  is commonly used in lobbies by large organisations. These large organisations use the large LED Screen to project their logos, helpful information, and even occasional entertainment such as the news. All these serves as methods of brand identity in forming a brand image.

Next, as we enter into individual offices, we see Digital Signage Screen all around the office. At this point, you maybe wondering what is a Digital Signage? Head over to our website to view them! . The Digital Signage has many purposes, to advertise, promote and announce are just some. You may see them behind the receptionist, in meeting rooms and even break rooms. Additionally, you may think that there is no difference between a Digital Signage Screen and a television. However, they differ in their purpose, content management, placement and customisation. Another question you may ask is “why would I purchase from Zoom Visual rather than electronic retail outlets?” Well, besides a more affordable price, our services are designed for the commercial segments. Here at Zoom Visual, we offer extended warranty on large scale projects. Our In-house technicians are certified and possess years of experience in this field.

Following that, we previously mentioned the Digital Notice Board  . I would give it an 80% chance that your office’s notice board is made of either cork, wood, or glass. While it may not pose any issue, there are definitely a few inconveniences. Besides printing costs, I bet there are times when the printed words are too small to see from afar. With the Digital Notice Board, contents can be easily updated with a click and readability won’t be an issue anymore.

Returning to the Digital Notice Board, there is another feature associated with meeting rooms. As an organization experience growth, a reliable Booking System becomes a necessity. Specifically a Room Booking System  , while there is app notifications, having a Digital Notice Board would greatly benefit. On the display, organisations can show the user, purpose and timings of the meeting.

In conclusion, what this blog aims to convey is the versatility of Digital Display. Zoom Visual has served and worked with a multitude of clients from diverse trades. What we can offer is not only quality products, but a personalised solution catered to your business needs. Contact us today to find out more! 


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