Understanding the full versatility of LED Digital Walls

Lili / January 17, 2023
Singapore’s premier LED advertising display board service provider - ZOOM VISUAL

Offering a dynamic and refreshing channel to engage new and existing customers, Zoom Visual’s Indoor LED Digital Wall is ideal for commercial advertising, promotions, and brandings in many a variety of venues such as shopping malls, offices, hotel exhibitions and more. Not confined, our Indoor LED Digital Wall is perfect for hosting events and conferences of any size. For collaborative environments, our Indoor LED Digital Wall can be optimised with a touch system for interactive activities.

Zoom Visual Indoor LED Digital Wall delivers a high-performance display that commands attention due to its bright and outstanding image quality. Using a range of top-quality materials and the most advance technologies, up to 8k resolution, our Indoor LED Display Walls are able to emit a smooth and clear image quality with an expanded colour capability seamlessly, capturing end users’ attention and further enhance your branding awareness.

The slim and sleek design of Zoom Visual’s Indoor LED Digital Wall provides a cost saving solution on your LED wall structure. With its cutting-edge design, it also enhances and beautifies the decorations of your indoor premises. As our Indoor LED Digital Wall is wall-mounted, our method provides a compact outcome as our Indoor LED Digital Wall which do not require framework to wrap it against the wall

Here at Zoom Visual, we also have a cloud management system (CMS) to provide you with maximum convenience. You will be able to upload your desired content through the cloud system and it instantly reflects on your Indoor LED Digital Wall. The user-friendly cloud management system prioritises user accessibility with its network feature. As long as devices are connected to network, new content can be uploaded from anywhere at any time. For limited areas that requires confidentiality such as University Campus, Office Buildings etc, we do provide local network services where content can be privatized and protected with firewalls.

Other than our Indoor LED Digital Wall, Zoom Visual also has many other LED/LCD Digital Solutions such as Digital Signage, LED/LCD Video Wall, Digital Menu Display, Smart Office System, Interactive Display and Standing Mobile Kiosk. If you’re interested to find out more about our products, do give us a call today!

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