Trusted Video Conference Solutions: An Overview

Lili / August 28, 2023
Trusted Video conference solutions

Do you utilize video conferencing solution at your workplace? In the past ten years, the number and usage of Video Conferencing Services in Singapore has skyrocketed. There are various video conference solutions that are free and paid. However, the difference between them is just like the title of this blog. Would you rather get the job done or get the job done well? A steak cooked rare and well done may both be eaten. Despite that, weighing the pros and cons, which one would you get? When it comes to purchasing a Trusted Video Conference Solutions, the latter matters.

Features to look out for in a Trusted Video Conference Solutions

Let’s take a look at some of the most utilized features organisations use for Video Conferencing Services in Singapore.

File and Screen sharing with whiteboard

Contributing to the real-time factor, both file and screen sharing enable users to engage each other in a collaborative manner. While file sharing allows for collaborative editing, screen sharing allows visual explanations. Another sub-feature from the sharing factor is the use of digital whiteboards. The whiteboard allows for interactive discussions, further enhancing engagement in collaborative meetings.

Chat features with Polling and Q&A

With chat features, this opens up a third communication channel besides speech and sight. This alternative channel compliments audio and visual inputs, especially in large meetings. Some video conferencing brands have even added in translation features, overcoming the language barrier. One sub-feature of the chat feature is polling and Q&A. This feature has allowed for an even greater communication capability in large conferences when the number of participants surpasses the number of host.


The innovation of the recording feature resembles recording life’s daily conversation. This is especially utilized in important meetings where even the smallest information has great importance.

Virtual backgrounds and background noise cancellation

Both the feature virtual backgrounds and background noise cancellation provide privacy and a degree of professionalism. With the new hybrid working schedule, its effectiveness shines in providing convenience yet not disregarding professionalism.

Participation management and breakout rooms

A key feature in video conference services is the control and quantity users have over participants. This is one of the major features that differentiates a free and paid video conference service. The control in this context refers to the ability to make accept, make host, mute and even kick participants.

Mobile compatibility

A large part of mobile compatibility refers to the apps that the video conference service provides. Even if the service does not have a mobile app version, the layout of the video conference on a mobile webpage also plays a huge role.

Logitech and Polycom

Without a Multipoint Video Conferencing system solution, these feature would not be able to fully reach their potential. The Best Webex Meeting Solution is not complete without a comprehensive setup that covers both audio and visual communication. Besides the Cisco Video Conferencing System in Singapore, the other known brands are Polycom and Logitech. Logitech’s affordability and reliability, along with its camera and microphone, makes it one of the Best Webex Meeting Solution in Singapore. The Logitech Video Conferencing Camera and Microphone are two of the essential products that boast high compatibility among others. Logitech Video Conferencing Microphone has both wired and wireless option. The Logitech Wireless Microphone for Video Conferencing has one of the most stable Bluetooth connection and also quality output. Another player in the market is the Polycom Video Conferencing Setup in Singapore. As one of the video conferencing service utilized by corporations, the Polycom Video Conferencing Solution shines in its capacity. Together with the Polycom Video Conferencing System, Polycom Video Conferencing excels in it’s capability to handle large scale meetings. In conclusion, Polycom caters to enterprise-level solutions with advanced features, while Logitech emphasizes versatility and accessibility in their products. As such, it’s important to understand what meeting needs the organisation demands before deciding on a specific brand.

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