Standing Mobile Kiosk: Feed the feed

Lili / September 8, 2023
St. James's Place uses a Standing Mobile Kiosk in their lobby.

What is Plug & Play? What does this term refer to? Until the 1990s, the term self-service was not widely utilized by businesses. Fast forward to today, we see self-service signs almost everywhere. With the birth of self-service, the technology of a Standing Mobile Kiosk came. The mobile kiosk became the tool for self-service, and businesses all around have seen it benefitted them greatly. However, diving deeper in the technology of the Standing Mobile Kiosk, businesses also found it harder to understand how to operate one effectively. The blog titled “Feed the feed” refers to how content is inputted into the Standing LED Display. The first feed refers to the act of supplying while the second feed is akin to the feed that pet owners feed their pets. In this context, we will be identifying and discussing what does Plug & Play mean and what are the other ways of inputting content into the mobile kiosk.

The Standing Mobile Kiosk is essentially a Interactive Display that has touchscreen and LED Display capabilities. It projects contents on the LED Display Screen to allows anyone to interactive and gain information from that interaction. The Standing Mobile Kiosk features a sturdy built, wheels, immaculate LED Display, touchscreen capabilities and connectivity options. As a result, the benefits of purchasing a
mobile kiosk are high mobility and durability, advertising and branding space, increased customer engagement and scalability.

What is Plug and Play?

Plug and Play is a technology principle that simplifies the process of connecting and using devices with other systems. The goal of Plug and Play is to make it easier for users to install and configure devices, reducing the need for manual intervention and technical expertise. Even for the common men, we use the Plug and Play principle in our everyday life. Examples of this principle include inserting a USB device into a computer and charging our phones with a USB. However, there are a few misconceptions that have arise due to its simplicity.

Universal compatibility

Although the concept of Plug and Play is simple to understand, it does not mean that it is a one size fits all solution. Compatibility plays a huge role in Plug and Play; implementation can vary between different systems. Here at Zoom Visual, our Standing Mobile Kiosk runs on an android operating system. If the plugged-in device runs on another operating system like the iOS or Windows.

Zero installation or configuration

As Plug and Play has its limitations, it means that there is still the need for minor installation and configurations. Advanced features such as POS systems and recording systems still requires installation and configuration of certain drivers or software.

Automatic updates

As Plug and Play is capable of inputting content without a network, automatic updates are not an option. However, with Cloud services it is possible.

What are options beside plug and play?

Besides Plug and Play, the next option would be Cloud services. As part of Zoom Visual’s service offering, we also provide the option of using our Cloud services. The main benefit of utilizing Cloud services is in its remote capabilities. Through an internet connection, users can remotely insert contents to the Standing Mobile Kiosk.

Key takeaway from previous blog

In one of our previous blog titled “LED Display Panel: Mutual Agreements”, we specifically discussed how aspect ratio can influence the content displayed. This equally applies to the Standing LED Display. As mentioned at the start, the Standing Mobile Kiosk is essentially a Interactive Display that has touchscreen and LED Display capabilities. Thus, the same concept also applies.

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