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Zoom Visual’s outdoor LED advertising display boards offer a range of excellent choices for your outdoor advertising and branding campaigns. Whether it is mounted on the facade of your building, hung as a digital poster on the streets or used as a gigantic billboard, our products deliver high-resolution images with superior brightness and contrast levels that are visible even in the most unfavourable weather conditions.

Up to Pixel Pitch of 4mm

The revolution is here for outdoor LED display. Going for the finer pixel pitch on LED display had become a must-own-asset for most of the mall owners. From past pixel pitch of 20mm, 16mm, 10mm till now, Zoom Visual’s outdoor LED products is now moving towards 8k resolution of providing to it finest pixel pitch of up to 4mm. It makes your outdoor LED advertising extremely catchy.

Slim & Light

Even our outdoor LED display panel come with it most sleek design and lightest weight. It does not add on to much weight on your facade loading. The light weight LED display panels help in reducing your installation cost and time.

Magnetic Mechanism

The Magnetic Mechanism enable your maintenance time to be shorten up. Front and back service enabled. Simple and quick replacement on the faulty LED display module. Reduced hazardous time.

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