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Your outdoor signage is the key to attracting customers to your outlets or to providing relevant information in a commercial space. High quality LED digital signage is much brighter and more eye-catching than conventional signage. Our selection of outdoor LED digital signage features the latest technology using high-grade light emitting diode that ensures consistent brightness, reflection-cancelling and weather protection. Easy and smart, the solution allows you to play and manage your content remotely and instantaneously. It’s aesthetically-pleasing and trendy design also lets you stay ahead of your competition.

Landscape & Portrait

Our LED digital signage is adaptable to both landscape and portrait views, making it suitable for any design, content and style. All you need to do is make the necessary setting adjustments to the desired layout.

Cloud Content Management System

With cloud base content management system, our digital signage allow s you to manage and upload your content anytime at anywhere. This LED digital signage is designed for round-the-clock usage and streaming of content. It is a competitive feature for business.

Touch Screen

Our products offer a choice of touch screen and non-touch screen digital signage. Touch screen signage allows your users to interact with your content, which is highly useful for applications such as mall directories and food menus.

Slim Bezel

LED Video Wall come with bezels which is the frame of the LCD Video Wall panels. One of the latest design attractions, super slim bezel is a vital feature for LED Video Wall. With a slim bezel of as low as 2.6mm, LED Video Wall also can achieve almost seamless integration of multiple setups.

Interactive Display

LED Video Wall offers a choice of touch screen and visual learning experience. This interactive screen allows your users to interact with your content, which is highly useful in doing presentations for educational or collaborative approach. LED Video wall is an effective way of making presentations pop!

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