How Cloud-Based Content Management Works

Lili / August 10, 2023
National Library using Zoom Visual's 55 inch LED Digital Signage.

What is Cloud Based Content Management?

Have you heard of Cloud Based Content Management? The concept of Cloud Based Content Management is deeply rooted in the idea of a trinity process. Think of it like a bank transaction, the money that is transferred has to first go through the bank. Similarly, content that is transmitted first has to go through the ‘cloud’. To grasp Cloud-Based Content Management and its relation to Digital Signage, let’s break down the term into two parts.


First and foremost, what is the ‘cloud’? The ‘cloud’ is akin to a memory storage, you store, access and share using cloud services. Besides boasting a seemingly infinite storage space, another benefit of utilizing cloud is its transmission capabilities. Cloud enables users to access and send files easily, despite the location and distance. This means the end of complex wired connections. As for Content Management, it refers to contents of all kinds including documents, images, and videos. At this point, the application of the contents does not matter. Content Management addresses how the content is managed, protected, and used to perform a specific task. This includes file sharing, storage, organizing and simultaneous access.


In a nutshell, Cloud-based Content Management empowers users to create, store, manage, and share digital content using cloud technology. Utilizing this technology eliminates the need for complex hardware and software installation, reducing maintenance efforts and cost.


How does Zoom Visual use Cloud services in our Digital Signage?

Here at Zoom Visual, we integrate Cloud Based Content Management in our products for our clients. We at Zoom Visual identify as a LED advertising display board service provider. This means that not only do we supply Digital Signage but also solutions on integrating them with the business. Understanding Cloud-Based Content Management’s evolution is vital to grasp its correlation with Cloud services and Digital Signage.


First off, these two technologies exist to enhance communication, engagement, and convenience in various settings. Therefore, one should view operating Digital Signage and Cloud as a collective effort rather than individual actions. Zoom Visual utilizes the same trinity process. Firstly, a physical connection of the Android box to the LED Display is established. Secondly, a virtual connection is initiated between our input device and the Android box. Prior to this, comprehension of the Android box’s preexisting virtual link to the cloud is vital. With this concept understood, it will be easier to comprehend file transfers of documents, images, and videos.


The benefits of Cloud Based Content Management include:

Content Delivery and Control

Cloud Based Content Management allows multiple users to generate, modify and update content from various locations seamlessly. This enables real-time content to Digital Signage, ensuring that the LED Display shows relevant and engaging graphic. This centralized control streamlines content management, reducing the need for on-site adjustments.


Versatility and Cost Efficiency

The cloud-based model reduces the need for complex hardware for on-site servers. This cost savings is particularly valuable in the context of Digital Signage on large-scale installations. As the use of Cloud Based Content Management and Digital Signage increases, so does their application in various industries.

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