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Lili / November 8, 2022
Singapore’s premier LED advertising display board service provider - ZOOM VISUAL

As a first class, metropolitan city, Singapore boasts top-standard technological advances. Our Smart Glass and Smart Film are responsible for the widespread usage of Smart Digital Signage Kiosks all around Singapore. These Digital Signage Displays are revolutionary, transforming the status quo of glass panels and LED displays, among others.

Digital Signage Kiosks are Digital Signage Displays within a large vertical stand which supports both static and moving text, virtual images, videos and real-time information. This includes date, time and social media posts to be casted on the Digital Signage System simultaneously. Such Digital Signage Solutions are trailblazers in the field as they boast multiple functions such as also being touch-receptive, fire-proof and extremely easy to maintain.

Lots of mainstream establishments have incorporated Digital Signage Displays into their design and utility. These usually come in the form of  LED, LCD screens, digital standing kiosks, digital media boards and digital video walls.

Hence, our Digital Signage Displays are extremely versatile and can be customised to fit any size, shape and form.

The benefits of using Smart Digital Signage over traditional counterparts are innumerable. Notable advantages in terms of improving a company’s brand image include better advertising strategies due to unique and eye-catching visuals on the Digital Signage System that can appeal to large crowds of people, along with improved sales thanks to rapid promotions. Other plus points are being cost-efficient due to reduced print and resources for mass advertising, where physical distribution is no longer required.

Overall, this helps your organisation focus more on fine-tuning its product given that less energy is needed for its marketing, which boosts productivity and results.

Using Digital Signages is the new norm for most businesses to connect with their customers. Get in touch with us now to find out how you can make this tool work for you too.

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