Digital Signage: Customer-First Approach

Lili / September 18, 2023
Digital Signage Display showing a 15% off at Sun&Sand Sports

Are you still exploring the potential benefits of a Digital Signage for your business? Have you considered the needs of your consumers? In this blog titled “Digital Signage: The power of a properly wielded tool”, we will be discussing how does one benefit your business and what aspect of it meets your consumer’s needs.

In any business model, when it comes to customer acquisition, the two leading factors are information and entertainment. If we were to dive deeper into the start of the customer journey map  , you will see that customer interaction starts with awareness and consideration. Awareness is formed when an entertainment element piques your customer’s interest. Consideration is processed when customers try to form conclusions using the information received. As such, businesses should strive to satisfy these two factors.

To fully understand what needs a Digital Signage satisfy, let’s analyse on the intent of consumers. By doing so, we are looking for the link between intent and ways to meet that intention. According to SEMrush  , there are four intents coming from consumer’s searches on the net. In each intent, we will be giving examples of how variations of the Digital Display manage to fulfil them. This blog focuses on physical representations of the intents in a physical setting.

To start with, the informational intent comes from when customers are looking for an answer to their specific question. In this context, an example would be when a customer is screening through on what to eat. A Digital Signage Screen would greatly impact the decision. The display quality combined with content management features turns the simple screen into a striking slideshow. This is where the information and entertainment elements are implemented.

Following that, the navigation intent is when consumers are searching for a specific store or product. For this, an example would be when a customer is searching for clothing apparel stores in a mall. When a Digital Signage has touchscreen capabilities, we called it an Interactive Display . Together with a Wayfinder system  , the Interactive Display meets the informational aspect of consideration.

Moving closer, we reach the commercial intent. This is when your consumers start comparing products and services among your competitors. This intent can be considered to be the most important as it impacts the customer decision making process. With the right Digital Signage Solution, a business can overpower their competitor’s hold on the consumer’s recall of the brand. A Digital Signage Solution aims to position the screens in a way that captures the customer’s attention regardless of where they are.

Lastly, compared to the commercial intent, the transactional intent continues the flow of purchase by assisting the customer with their action. As this intent is on facilitating an action, the Digital Signage must consist of touchscreen capabilities with a Kiosk system. In our context, we would be looking at purchasing an Interactive Display.
Features such as content management, kiosk system and interactive display can only be actualised with the help of a Digital Signage Player. Have a read on our previous blog “Digital Signage Player: The Middle Man”  on the extra features of one. For an efficiency content management and kiosk system, the use of Cloud Based Digital Signage can allow for greater control and freedom.

Ultimately, the choice of Digital Signage depends on a plethora of considerations factors such as complexity of content, budget, and remote management requirements. As one of Singapore Digital Signage Supplier, we have years of experience serving numerous clients spanning over various industries. Our team has not only accumulated a wealth of experience but also case studies equating to various solutions for your business requirements. Our Digital Signage Solutions consist of site visits and a detailed understanding of our client’s needs. After this process, we will then recommend a Digital Signage Display that fits the organisation’s requirement. Contact us today to start your Digital Signage journey! 


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