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One of the latest products in the market, flexible LED screens are high-resolution, bendable LED display boards that allow you to twist and turn your screens into curved shapes and integrate them into your overall interior design. Lightweight and easy to install, these modular, small-unit and flexibly-designed screens can achieve curved shapes such as convex, concave and even more complicated shapes. The small-unit modules are shipped and assembled directly at the venue, thereby saving you time and effort. The magnetic connection also makes it easy to replace, disassemble and reassemble at a different venue.

Bendable Features

The bendable feature on our curve and flexi LED allows your LED display screen to be able to wrap up in many shapes and design. This evolved trend on LED screen will definitely catch the highest attention on shoppers and passer-by.

Low Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch of our Curve and Flexi LED range from 10mm to as low as 4mm. Even with it irregular shape, It will still provide high RES commercial and branding advertisement for your audience.

Magnetic Mechanism

It magnetic mechanism allows the installation and maintenance works for the LED scree to be quick, simple and easy which saved a lot on your cost and time.

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