Choosing the Right Digital Signage Player for Your Needs

Lili / August 21, 2023
Digital signage displays content in stores using a digital signage player.

Digital Signage Player

The relationship of a Digital Signage Player in the Digital Signage Solution can be described as such:
Device (where the content is created) – Digital Signage Player (the device that receives the content and is connected to the screen) – Digital Signage Screen (projects the content received)
We can summarize that a Digital Signage Player is a device used to display digital content on the screen. The Digital Signage Player enable businesses to present engaging and relevant content promptly. The few key functions of a Digital Signage Player are Content Scheduling, Remote Management and Content Playback.

As one of Zoom Visual’s key products, the Digital Signage stands out as an exceptional advertising tool. Essentially, it serves as a medium to project various contents, transitioning from images to videos. Moreover, Digital Signage is available in a range of forms and sizes. However, the technology driving it remains consistent. Primarily utilizing LED display technology, this tool boasts vibrant and crisp graphics, effectively capturing attention.

One of the common misconceptions of a Content Management System (CMS) is its definition. The CMS is both a software and a system. As a software, it can be download into a device. While as a system, it manages files and contents to be displayed. This reasoning also relates to the Digital Signage Player. With the Digital Signage Player, you can also have the option of installing a CMS.

Zoom Visual carries different kinds of Digital Signage Players each with its own features and capabilities. However, there are some players that operate on the same

Here are 7 types of Digital Signage Players:

Standalone Media Players

These physical devices are built with the option of displaying content through internal storage or an external media source such as USB drives or memory cards.

PC-Based Players

These players are minicomputers that also have the capability to display Digital Signage content. As they are fundamentally computers, they can be used for video editing, gaming, and quick communications.

Network Media Players

These players are connected to a network which enables it to receive content updates and management instructions remotely. This type of player is commonly used in large-scale operations where content needs to be updated frequently across multiple locations.

Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes and Android-Based Players

These three players have similar capabilities of transforming regular screens into Digital Signage Displays As such, not only do they guarantee a wide range of app compatibility but are also cost-effective options.

System on Chip (SoC) Players

These players have all the capabilities of a PC-Based Players but is reduced to the size of a chip. However, the two main weakness are its limited processing power and high initial cost.

Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Players

These players connect to the internet and gather data from various sources. The focus of this player is on real-time data integration and remote management. An example of an application would be on weather, news and social media updates.

Cloud-Based Players

The Cloud-Based Digital Signage Player shares similar properties with the Network Media Players. However, the differing factor lies in its scalability, as cloud-based players do not require extensive on-site setups to expand their network.

In the end, factors like content complexity, budget, and remote management needs determine the selection of a digital signage player. As a Digital Signage Solution provider, we conduct site visits and thoroughly comprehend our client’s requirements. Following this process, we recommend a suitable Digital Signage Display with the appropriate Digital Signage Player that aligns with the organization’s needs.

As a supplier of digital signage in Singapore, Zoom Visual provides various types of digital signage, such as Double Sided LED Displays, Stretch LCD Signage Displays, Digital Signage Banners, and Portable Digital Signage. Reach out to us today for the finest digital signage solutions!

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