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Zoom Visual provides a comprehensive selection of indoor LED advertising display boards in Singapore. Lightweight, flexible and highly affordable, these LED advertising display boards offer excellent contrast and image quality and are customisable to your specific needs. They are the new advertising and information display tool that guarantees to revolutionise the way you communicate with your customer.

Ultra Thin Design

The slim and sleek design of Zoom Visual LED display provides a solution with cost saving on your LED wall structure. With it cutting edge design, it enhance and beautify the decorations of your indoor premises.

Crystal Clear Image

Using the top quality range of materials with the most advance technologies of up to 8k resolution. Zoom Visual LED display brings out the most colourful, lively and crystal clear image effect. High eye ball rate will be captured and enhance your branding awareness.

Wall Mounted

No more bulky structure! Our Wall Mounted installation method provides a seamless effect on your indoor LED Display. It does not require frame work to wrap it up. The prolonged duration on LED Screen installation has turned into history.

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