Zoom Visual Pte Ltd now offers Facial Biometric Thermometer (A Trusted Brand for Thermal Scanner)

Zoom Visual today proudly announces its new product called Facial Biometric Thermometer, a new contactless screening device specifically to support Covid-19 prevention to be spread within community and workplace. Zoom Visual’s top Infrared thermal scanner with face recognition system is a Health Science Authority (HSA) certified temperature screening solution that is a fully automated device that offers a new way for establishments to screen and record the temperature of their staff and visitors.

Features and benefits of Facial Biometric Thermometer include.

  • Non-Contact Detection Technology – This state of the art temperature screening solution device detects whether people entering your premises wears masks. It pops up a message when critical temperature or uncovered face is detected. This device is also equipped with facial recognition features that can verify the identity of the individual and check attendance without any personnel involvement. With this device, building management can grant door access to tenants, staffs and all visitors while keeping track of entry records.
  • Less than one (1) second temperature detection time – Waiting for a long queue of people can increase the risks of spreading Covid-19. This device when installed, speeds up the thermal scanning queue process thus lessens the risks of infection.
  • User Database is stored in the machine and cloud – Data gathered by the device is very important for documentation and contact tracing. Data is stored on the cloud means it can be easily be accessed by any staff or admin anytime anywhere.

Facial Biometric Thermometer will be available starting September 7, 2020. Zoom Visual’s  is a pre-approved vendor for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) meaning that if you are a small or a medium business owner (SME) that wants to avail this grant, it will be easily available for you and we can speedily assist you on your application to get the best thermal scanner in Singapore. SME may also avail on the Skill Future (SFEC) together with PSG. SFEC’s claimable amount is up to 98% depending on individual company eligibility.

For more information on Zoom Visual’s Facial Biometric Thermometer and our other products, visit our website www.zoomvisual.com.sg and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/zoomvisualed/.

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