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LED Netting is a technology on LED display that suite users that require lighting effect or ID content for Sky Light, Building Facade, Exhibition hall Deco, Event Hall Deco, Night Entertainment Places and more. It is very light and easy on installation. It is bendable and just look like a Net. Multiple designs and usages can be carried with it flexibility on materials used. It also come in different colour to suite your decorations and designs. It has black, white and transparent.

Pixel Pitch

It pixel pitch are ranging from 50mm to 200mm. It is mainly for super large format LED display screen as well as lighting decorations.


Bright ranging from 300nit to 4000nit. Suitable for all outdoor and indoor LED solutions.


It can be twirl and curl into the size you require on you design of your LED display.

Full RGB

It is just like other LED Screen Display lights that producing Red, Blue. Green lights to create an intensive colourful LED display. It can receive DVI and HDMI signal as well.

Heavy Duty

It hardware is heavy duty. High resistance from destruction on direct impact. Very durable.

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