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An interactive LED smart board is a high-definition touch point screen similar to that of a smart board that can function on its own as a computer device at the same time as a projector which displays all files. They are often used in different sorts of setup for various types of tasks. Commonly they are used in business or companies – LED smart boards are mounted in conference or meeting rooms to communicate information, implement a strategy or introduce a proposal. Nowadays, these amazing boards are likewise used in schools to aid in students’ learning. They are also useful in trainings or workshops that need interactive involvement of the speaker and audience.

Interactive smart boards are handy tools in saving notes and showing difficult diagrams. LED smart board type consists of a camera built right into the portable pen, with human invisible targets injected right into the picture stream sent out to the projector or display which consists of positioning information, where the video camera spots details and calculates position as necessary, calling for no further calibration. It eases presentation by simply utilizing gestures and with its powerful system it can do challenging tasks easily.

Easy to install

Installation and usage of IWB is just about anywhere: Board rooms, Meeting rooms or Classrooms mounted on the wall or with floor stand. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor as long as a sturdy stand can hold it firmly, you don’t have to worry about your venue anymore. Easy set up with its futuristic smart software that can be easily calibrated, depending on the type of screen interface of your LED smart board.The unit comes with an easy to follow user manual that answers every questions that pops in to your mind about the product.

User friendly

With just a few simple steps and a brief preparation, you are on your way to using your LED smart board in no time. Most of the models come with a plug and play system. It easily captures notes and data, so you will never have to worry of losing information because of so many things happening and so many ideas to think of during discussions or meetings. With its simplicity yet multi-functional features, both adult and children can operate on it and forgo all manual processes of saving and recording. No more complicated set ups and mind blowing instructions.

Ergonomic Design

Turn your boring and dry presentation into a lively and fun filled experience for your audience. You may edit, manipulate, add, remove, and zoom in and out your files or presentation with just the use of your finger while having it saved and recorded. With this LED Interactive Smart Board, there will never be a dull moment on your presentation and you don’t have to do it all alone anymore. Make your planning session interesting pursuits by making your group interact and contribute ideas through the functional screen of our LED Interactive Smart Board without the hassle and bustle.

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