LED Digital Signage and LED Display Screen for Commercial

As we progress into a new era, one dominated by technology and innovation, we see the gradual evolution of little things. Posters, billboards and print advertisements are increasingly being replaced by LED Display Screens, LED and LCD Digital Signages.

And for good reason!

LED Display Screens aren’t just sleek and futuristic advancements of their traditional counterparts, but come with a host of functions such as being touch activated, ability to screen high-resolution media and supporting animated visuals. This aside, they do not require as much manpower to set up and remove– in contrast to needing manual labour to do so, LED Display Digital Signage can toggle between various messages and imagery with a simple tap. You could even buffer entire movie clips on these LCD and LED Digital Signages.

The possibilities LED Display Screens could create are endless, limited only by the user’s imagination.

Presently, we have mounted such LCD and LED digital signages for renowned brands such as Decathlon, Braun Buffel, along with schools, malls, clinics, offices and many more. These come in the form of standing mobile kiosks, floor standing kiosks, or display screens.

As for LED video walls which are much larger and better suited for bigger audiences, we have had the National Library, Hai Di Lao, National Heritage Board, Singapore Polytechnic, Land Transport Authority and China Railways among others as clients.

Notable customers for LCD transparent digital signages are the Institute of Technological Education and Lancome. Standing mobile kiosks can be found at the National Library, Grand Hyatt, Singapore Supreme Court, Millennia Institute and various establishments.

Last but not least, our LED interactive smart boards are happily utilised by Changi Simei Community Club, multiple People’s Association Clubs and offices.

All our clients have given us rave reviews and agreed that implementing this into their space has elevated not only its look and feel, but also contributed to effectiveness. If this is just what you need to take your establishment to the next level, drop us a message.

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