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LED curtain is another revolutionary product that offers you a brand new way to showcase your products and services or entertain your audience. An ideal choice for temporary indoor or outdoor installations, it weighs significantly less than conventional LED screens and is therefore highly portable and easy to install. All you need is simply unfold, hang and connect the cables and your outdoor LED display is ready for immediate use! Once the LED curtain is disassembled, you can easily fold, store and transport it anywhere you like. LED curtains are great for concerts, exhibitions, road shows and other travelling events, and can also be customised to fit any size or requirements.

See Through & Lightweight

The lightweight and see through features of the LED curtain make it highly suitable for outdoor usages such as building facade and outdoor concert.

Low Power Consumption

LED curtains consume significantly less power than other display options, making it one of the most energy-saving display tools available.

High Ingress Protection

Our products’ IP68 rating means that they can function even when submerged under water! This waterproof feature makes LED curtains most suited for outdoor display, be it rain or shine!

Self -Ventilation

These LED curtain has it blind effect after installing it. It can accommodate to your nice decorations and renovations. Due to this design, it turned out to be having it self-ventilated feature as well. There is not cooling fan required. Sleek in design and space saving.

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