Interactive Digital Signage and E-Catalogue

Interactive Digital Signage and E-Catalogue –  Captivate Your Audience

Zoom Visual Pte Ltd has proven an accomplished 15 years of expertise in the advertising and Info COMM Technology industry. Our focus is creating the most creative and reliable advertising display solution.

We have established strong tie-ups with one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED advertising display boards in the country. Zoom Visual Pte Ltd ensures that the prime and most advanced technology is offered to customers.

The company’s drive to bringing advanced technology to the digital display solutions is to aid SMEs, advertising and retail companies in making a revolutionized leap in the lead generation process and data management aspect, thereby contributing to an impressive ROI.

Interactive Digital Signage and E-Catalogue are few of Zoom Visual Pte Ltd.’s best advertising display solutions. These offer a new visual, interactive and learning experience to customers.

Interactive Catalogue – One of Your Best Marketing Upgrade

In this digital age, offering an interactive experience to the public gives your business a cutting-edge leap from the old school marketing strategy of giving out flyers and catalogues of your products and services to guests. We know that once consumers step out of the store, these catalogues may not even serve its marketing purpose. It may not even be looked at, worse your marketing print might just go directly to the trash bin instead.

E-Catalogue is backed up with a special software that allows the management team to fully access, update, design and improve the images and video content. Data management has never been this user-friendly, accessible and easily manipulated. While previously stored information can easily be pulled up from the system, data can easily be updated and fast-tracked anywhere 24 hours a day at your most convenient time.

Attention! This is not for Retail Stores Only!

Both E-catalogue and Interactive Digital Signage allow users to navigate and explore content information. This offers a useful and innovative way of customer service and a very customer-centric approach. And to top it all this is not limited to only retail stores, interactive digital signage and Interactive Catalogue are also beneficial in showcasing:

  1. salon, spa and massage services, its benefits and promotion,
  2. health clinic benefits, services, and promotion,
  3. pharmacy product information and promotion
  4. event screening and schedule at hotels, theatres, cinema and concert halls.

Interactive Digital Signage Data Management

Zoom Visual Pte Ltd offers the Cloud Content Management System. It’s a system where information like images and videos are stored and managed, solving our data management dilemma on the marketing aspect. This innovative system brings us 24-hour usage of the Interactive Digital Signage and real-time streaming of content.

Offers Lead Generation Opportunities

People nowadays are shaped with most of their lifetime on electronic devices, comfortably getting information at the tip of their fingertips. Coming to a store and being able to freely navigate on their own, through interactive digital signage and E-catalogue, gives them a sense of independence and solace. Shoppers by will already have a gist of what you offer, buying us the opportunity to generate more sales leads, and paving the way to achieve the company’s ROI.


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