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Facial Biometric Thermometer with Temperature Screening Solution

Facial Biometric Thermometer

Facial Biometric Thermometer is a top infrared thermal scanner – with face recognition system that is specifically designed for establishments that need automated temperature screening solution. It primarily scans the temperature and pushes real-time alerts if the recorded temperature is beyond the normal threshold. Aside from its Thermal scanning feature, it has real-time face recognition technology that detects individuals not wearing mask. It can also record attendance and grant access for staff and personnel.

real-time facial recognition
Face Recognition Thermometer

Key Functions

FBT (Facial Biometric Thermometer) enable masked on recognition, Work attendance system and warning alert fever is detected.

Core Features

  • Automated and contactless temperature scanning.
  • Provides real-time warning in the event of temperature abnormality and if detects person that is not wearing masks.
  • Temperature detection status is accurate to ±0.3 degree Celsius at a distance of 60 -100cm for less than a second.
  • Records data like temperature screening status, attendance, and can grant company entry access. All data is stored in the device and cloud so it can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Control System & Platform

Zoom Visual Facial Biometric Thermometer stores its data in the machine and cloud servers. This enables data stored can be retrieved whenever the administrator needs the reports. The device also ensures that the data is stored with high information security and scalability so critical data is protected.

SaaS application Platform
thermal scanning application


Zoom Visual Facial Biometric Thermometer features high-efficiency non-contact thermal scanning and recognition. This thermal screening solution can be widely used in all sectors like hotels, school, commercial buildings, factories, MRT stations, supermarkets, medical centre and retail stores that usually has high amount of traffic. Its a must for companies that are resuming operations because it is a requirement to scan temperatures of staff and visitors as to reduce the chance of entry of persons that may have Covid-19.

  • Zoom Visual’s top Infrared thermal scanner with face recognition system is a Health Science Authority (HSA) certified temperature screening solution
  • Facial Biometric Thermometer has obtained HSA License Class A so you are ensured the product’s good quality
  • Zoom Visual is a pre-approved vendor for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) meaning that if you are a small or a medium business owner (SME) that wants to avail this grant, it will be easily available for you and we can speedily assist you on your application to get the best thermal scanner in Singapore.
  • SME may also avail on the Skill Future (SFEC). SFEC’s claimable amount is up to 98% depending on individual company eligibility.
  • All price inclusive with:
    – Supporting stand with a pole
    – 1 years local service warranty with 1 to 1 replacement
    – 2 years of software and hosting license

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