E- Catalogue

Cutting Edge Interactive Digital Signage and E-Catalogue

Statistics say that 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because of a digital signage that caught their interest.

Zoom Visual Pte Ltd is today’s trending and leading LED advertising display board service provider in Singapore. Few of its wide array of products being offered are the E-catalogue, an E-brochure display that comes with a digital signage software and, the Interactive Digital Signage with a Cloud Content Management System.

E-Catalogue –  How It Works

Nowadays digital signage has had so much evolution, it’s software can be used to create an interactive catalogue. This e-catalogue is an array of combined video and images, of which one can customize to cater the needs of prospective clients. There are various types of templates included in the software. It is an effective tool in improving, updating and designing your interactive catalogue according to current trending demands of consumers.

Updating the interactive catalogue is also made easy. Unlike the paper catalogues whereby changes and updates are costly and time-consuming, this interactive catalogue can be updated online. This means updates can be done anytime and anywhere without hassle. Previous images and videos can easily be pulled up in the system since this information is stored offline.

Interactive Digital Signage – Touch Screen and LED Video Wall

A wide array of digital screen display is offered by Zoom Visual Pte Ltd.  They offer the non-touch screen and touchscreen interactive digital display. This touchscreen digital display is the Interactive Digital Signage and the LED Video wall.  The digital screen not only offers interactive touchscreen options to users, it also offers a whole new strategy in making presentations and educational approach, thus offering a new captivating and navigating experience to customers.

Branding of Products and Services

 E-catalogue and Interactive Digital Signage not only provides our clients a unique experience of customer interaction, it is also a technique in branding our products and services. Seeing and experiencing your catalogue goes digital leaves an imprint of the products in your consumer’s minds.

Data Management at Its Core

This also calls an opportunity for our business to acquire information about our customer’s trends, behavior, and interests. This adds to the company’s lead generation. We get to know our consumers personally.

  1. We can collate information on which product or services get the most searched and viewed.
  2. We get to study which product or services need to be more showcased or advertised.
  3. We get to forecast which product or service will likely to sell.
  4. We get to realize which products or services need to be highlighted.
  5. We get to realize which products or services need to be discontinued.
  6. With this information, we get to conclude various lead generation possibilities.
  7. We get to have additional information in forecasting our ROI.

Marketing has revolutionized from print ads to digital. Not only will this information help us get to know and understand customers, the information that we get helps us with steering the marketing wheel to the right direction, arrive with lead generation opportunities, improve and identify effective company sales management, and lastly generate a large sum of ROI.


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