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Content Management System

Content Management System – On Demand where you want and how you want it.

In modern times, the use of smart phones and tablets have prompted the advancement of digital age where touch screen has been a valuable tool in interactive functions. As more and more people have adapted as well as proficient in the use of touch screen devices, it became an indispensable tool for all people to work and play with.

With the growing popularity of touch screens, Digital Signage has been one of the major advertising tools used in the market today. Shopping Mall Directories, Menu Directories, Video Walls and even Outdoor media signage have increased use and popularity in today’s era.

I3Display Cloud Content Management & Broadcast Platform (CCMBP) is a tool that helps you reach these potentials. With a user-friendly interface, this application will aid your content creation making it faster, thus results can be easily presented and uploaded for all your prospective clients to see and admire.

This tool  works on any platform and can be used to create your own storyboard on LED Displays Screen, Video Walls and even LED Digital Signage’s. It can reach your audience better with tools to incorporate not only pictures but videos with accompanying music that is not only catchy but appealing as well.

The CMS Software is so easy to use that you only need to follow these steps:

  • Develop – you visualize your own story set and try to create the storyboard you want.
  • Lay Out – Lay outing is now easy as it has multiple presets from its vast library that you can choose and edit as you prefer.
  • Media – With media you can now easily add and upload different images as well as Videos to your storyboard
  • Schedule – with this digital signage software you command when and where you can broadcast your content where people are most likely to crowd up enabling you to get better targets on a wider scope and scale
  • Publish – Now content should not be a hindrance as you can now publish anytime and anywhere, on demand and real time. Cloud content can now be accessed anywhere and integrated to your publishing
  • Monitor – With that said, real time monitoring is now functioning with a press of a finger,
  • Interact – Digital Signage integration holds the future where you can now interact with your users and let them experience an AI support that’s based on the content you want them to know.
  • Analytics – figures and numbers on the target market reached as well as potential new clients can now be tapped with real figures.